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Comply with the new amendments to SEBI's Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulation 2015, using PracticeLeague Insider Trading Compliance Management Solution

Insider Trading

PracticeLeague Insider Trading Platform is an integrated and sophisticated off-the-shelf solution that has evolved extensively with market feedback and adopted to the fast changing dynamics of the market demand to become a fluidic, feature-rich platform that can completely transform and streamline your process.


Member database

Initial/Continual Disclosures

Clause Library

Assignment Disclosures

Grey List/restricted Security database

Pre-clearance request/Approval

Post-trading update

MIS reports


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PracticeLeague offers an intuitive, across all device edition to work and manage your collaborations easily from anywhere, anytime.

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The PracticeLeague agile platform increases the efficiency of the team and standardizes the entire legal process in an organization. The solution also increases the visibility of the end-end spectrum of the various functions to mitigate risks and adhere to compliance in turn helping the organization to be cost effective. The PracticeLeague scalable platform acts as a centralized repository of data and creates a single engagement platform for the entire team.

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