Challenges in Managing and Growing your successful Law Practice? Uberall Law is here to help

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A typical day of a partner in a law firm includes lot of administrative work including opening and closing files, checking conflicts for new engagements, recording billable time spent on meetings, conference calls, verifying client billing, payment follow-ups, approving out of pocket vouchers, work instructions to associates and teams and follow-ups, recruiting, managing client relations, etc. apart from regular legal advisory and law practice work. If not the partners then there would be dedicated staff for doing some of these functions and coordinating with Partners and senior counsels with lot of manual work everywhere. As a result, all resources have to wait overtime and firms spend lot of valuable billable hours in such administrative work.

With the advent of technology, law practicing firms have opted for a smarter option. They now want technology to handle most or all of the manual work so they can concentrate on the legal practice and bill more. They can concentrate on the increasing the productivity of the firm rather than managing manual process and tasks. However all these functions are important for any functioning and for automating them with accuracy there is Uberall Law, the collaborative legal practice management system which handles a number of office functions without any manual efforts. Legal firms can now capture more billable hours and automate and grow their law practice business.

We are going to see further, what are the challenges a law firm faces for running successfully and how Ready Technology like Uberall Law can assist firms to manage and grow their practice more efficiently.

Challenge 1:

Accounting every billable hour and expense

Solution by Uberall Law:

Uberall Law enables law firms to capture and bill every minute they work on the client weather they are in office or on travel and automatically capture and bill all expenses incurred on Telephony, Travel, Courier, Printing, Photocopy and court expenses. With automatic time entry for all daily actions the process of billing time has been greatly simplified down to few mouse clicks. Uberall law integrates with Printers, EPABX, Mobile phones and photocopy machines to capture and bill expenses as and when they occur. Time and expenses can also be easily recorded with Uberall’s Time and Billing application for mobile phones.

Challenge 2:

Accurate and on time client Billing

Solution by Uberall Law:

There are various traditional billing models that exist today including one time fixed fee, hourly billing, blended (team) rates, milestone based, activity based (different rates for document drafting, court attendance, etc) and Retainership fees. There are various alternative fee arrangements including combination of the above like hourly + flat fee, threshold based, contingency/success fee and value based billing.

Uberall Law provides a solution to this complex issue by automatically collating and tagging all the required timesheets and expenses for the given fee arrangement for further partner review. Partners or senior resources can now easily see the automated draft bills on their console and approve the same. Also, out of pocket expenses like telephone calls, courier charges, travel, counsel fees, etc can be accounted for instantly without having to wait for admin staff to manually collect and tag the same against the respective matters.

Challenge 3:

Increasing Resource Productivity

Solution by Uberall Law:

Uberall Law’s calendaring module sends automated alerts and reminders about all the important dates and milestones including court dates, arbitration hearings, meetings, etc well in advance so that the resources are better organized. The firm and individual calendars are also automatically updated so that all the calendars are in sync.

Forms and documents related to litigation, Patents, Trademarks can be automatically generated thereby saving lot of time and efforts.

Challenge 4:

Locating, Sharing information/ documents and Knowledge management

Solution by Uberall Law:

Knowledge-sharing, capturing time is non-billable, and it is hardly a performance. It’s hard for lawyers to see the intrinsic value of many of the practices that knowledge managers try to enforce. Uberall Law Knowledge Management Solution has been designed to ensure that the best knowledge across the organization is captured, shared and reused rather than starting each engagement from scratch. Then time will be saved, efficiency created and costs of production will drop as the quality of deliverables is improved.

Ready to use templates are centrally available for reference and Uberall Law facilitates easy search and retrieval of all previously used documents so that lot of the time is saved in drafting specific agreements. Intelligent search option enables associates to quickly locate information from various reference Sections including Articles, CLE, Presentations, forms, Word bricks, Opinions, Legal Insights, precedents and templates.

Challenge 5:

Monitoring the law practice in real time

Solution by Uberall Law:

At the heart of Uberall is the law Practice real-time Dashboard dashboards, analytics and ready reports that provide complete insight of their law practice at their fingertips. Partners, Senior associates and Team Leaders can now track and monitor productivity for all their matters, resources and clients across all their offices.

Instant snap-shot of various activities happening across the firm including, new clients, new matters, billing and outstanding, client and resource productivity, work in progress, net billing and realization rates, growth in billable hours etc.,

Ready Analytics provide greater details of every dimension of the firm functions including Billing, Realization & Outstanding, WIP, Productivity, Performances and Finance.

Challenge 6:

Multi Office Management

Solution by Uberall Law:

Law firms are now rapidly expanding across different cities and geographies and staying in touch and fully connected with every team across cities is a challenge.

Uberall Law is designed as a multi office collaborative law practice platform which keeps all the offices fully connected with each other. With Uberall Law it is now possible for teams to be spread across different geographies and it is now possible to view the workload and assign tasks to any of the associates across multi offices.

Challenge 7:

Managing Technology and IT infrastructure

Solution by Uberall Law:

Ever changing Technology landscape including, Managing Servers, System Software, Databases, IT Infrastructure, Technical Teams is always a challenge with Law Firms. Regular data Backups, Security access rights management, document management, system upgrades, inter-office connectivity etc is a time consuming and specialized task.

Uberall Law offers a Cost effective, Ready-To-Use and Easy-to-Adopt cloud (Internet) hosted setup on state of the art data centers which offer bank grade security including Data center security, Network Security, Host Security, Software Security, Application Security, Customer Data Security and Personnel Security.

1. Unlike the popular belief, the Cloud Provides a better Standard of confidential data Protection than most Law Firms can provide on their own IT setup
2 The Cloud offers a better Standard of Privacy for Communications than traditional E-mail communication
3 The Software as a Service (SaaS) or pay per use models that Uberall offers is more economical investment than developing or implementing a traditional software.
4 Data in the Cloud is Accessible anytime and Safer Than On Your Laptop
5 Gain competitive advantage by creating differentiation in overall customer interactions. Mobile computing is a key enabling technology for the creation of strategic information systems.

Uberall’s cloud implementation requires No hardware / software /infrastructure and is a Simple and Ready to use solution and requires ZERO installation.

Uberall Law is also available as an on-premise solution if required.

Challenge 8:

Managing Growth

Solution by Uberall Law:

Growing law firms need an infrastructure that would support managing a large matter load and just as important, a system that could grow with the firm. Further, you would require a system that could be accessed from anywhere in the world so that lawyers can manage their matters on the move. Besides offering clients with an immediate access to spectrum of legal expertise, these growing firms also need to continue providing personalized attention and quality service, but with the ability to manage more cases which geographically spread across the world.

Uberall law is a highly robust and scalable and collaborative enterprise tool utilizing advanced web and database technologies.

Challenge 9:

Client Relationship Management

Solution by Uberall Law:

Managing and strengthening the client relationship is a big challenge for all growing law firms and they require an effective CRM strategy that would Centralize a firm's collective information and experience about clients, prospects, and contacts, makes this information accessible to all authorized users including partners, associates and support staff apart from helping them to manage their prospects, opportunities, potential and marketing Campaigns effectively.

Uberall Law CRM provides and effective Client Relationship Management (CRM) technology tool to firms to track, monitor, and quantify business development progress. Various features/modules offered Uberall Law CRM include Event/Campaign Management, Opportunity Management, Proposal Generator, Experience/Deal Tracker, Client Relationship views and related analytics

Uberall Law Solutions are available for all Full service, Corporate, litigation, specialized and Intellectual Property Firms of all sizes. Over 2500 lawyers are using the solution in India currently across Large, Medium and Small Law firms and Uberall Law is fast becoming the most preferred Technology solution for all successful firms.

Uberall also has a range of other ready solutions for General Counsels, Corporate Legal for litigation/matter management across jurisdictions and Compliance Departments for managing all statutory and regulatory compliances.

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