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The role of legal departments is widely expanding. From monitoring and updating legal compliances to managing litigations. Most of the companies are trying to bring more legal work in-house in order to reduce cost. But with this challenging role come the varied and recurring issues which require focused time and management from the in-house counsel. This also means meeting expectations of the top management and non legal business units. Maintaining the entire flow efficiently at the required pace is one of the biggest challenge for any Legal Department, but they are magnified many folds in this industry sector because of the volumes of other legal matters including Indirect & Direct Taxation related litigations. Moreover, the complexities surrounding the compliance requirements are no less demanding.

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PracticeLeague standardized the process of users creating multiple types of matters depending on their portfolio, where each matter could record different information and users could configure the data fields as per requirement. Hence, we were able to map all their matters in a single system and then integrate the same with a Compliance Dashboard and Calendar.

We were also able to rope in hundreds of different non-legal users across many departments and regions to ensure all legal work was monitored in a single system. Whether it was a new notice that was received by the Plant Manager, or a compliance update from the HR team or a request for a new trademark from the Marketing team. Managing the ebb and flow of the workload and leading a transparent Legal Management system was made possible with the PracticeLeague Solution. Industries which spread across countries are more prone to disorganized Legal Workflow affecting the performance of the in-house counsels. Our eco-system transformed the complete Legal Department to save time and increase productivity by applying the best practices.

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Case Study

Our powerful Contract Lifecycle Management solution helped the client in automating the entire journey of contracts from requisition to approvals, drafting, negotiating, vetting, signing, executing, managing and renewing. A single system gives the real time dashboard of every every aspect of all the contracts. It is improbable to miss any opportunity pertaining to business growth and effectiveness of contractual obligations. This has powered the Legal Department to rely on the automation system to do the heavy lifting while focusing on other factors essential for business growth.

The PracticeLeague solution also enables In-house counsels to manage their entire IPR portfolio. From trademarks to copyrights, the Legal Team can keep a track of all important assets and their important dates. Most importantly, it's seamlessly integrated with the Contract Lifecycle and Matter Management system. In short, it's a complete ecosystem to gain momentum in the business.




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