All-In-One Legal Department Solution

Ready tools to manage your Matters, Litigations, Contracts, IP Management, Legal Spend and Legal documents. We work with 1000’s of lawyers including some of the top legal departments and fully understand your everyday challenges.

Features at Glance

Matter Management

Manage all matters of an in-house legal department including Notices, Litigations, Arbitrations, Intellectual Property, Advise/Opinion, Contracts, etc. You can create unique workflows for all matter types. Assign matters internally or to external counsel or law firms. Track and manage matter progress, important dates, documents, recent status updates, budgets, expenses, etc.


Work Queue

Work queue allows the Legal Team to manage new requests e.g. complaints/notices received at various locations or review contract requisition forms or reply to requests for opinion. The legal team can accept or decline matters or take the appropriate corrective action.

Legal Dashboard

The all-inclusive legal dashboard is built specifically keeping the legal department’s needs in mind. Unique and intelligent search filters allow you to sift through thousands of matters to find relevant information. You can search different types of matters across various locations, departments, jurisdictions or search them by stages, users, matter types, categories and sub-categories. You can even search matters by advanced keywords, tags, codes, etc.


Litigation Management / Court Status Updates

Update litigation matters instantly using our solution or mobile apps. Receive advanced reminders and alerts for upcoming dates. Send court updates to various team-members and upload attachments including notices, replies, summons, order, et al. Track complete proceeding’s synopsis in a chronological order with user and date stamps. Record opposition activities, next dates, next activities, etc.

Case Calendar

Important dates and deadlines related to all legal matters and litigations can be tracked through the integrated calendaring tool. The resources working for you can get automated alerts and reminders for all the scheduled court hearings, appeal and arbitration dates, etc. Calendars across your Teams, external counsels and law firms and Jurisdictions can be easily viewed and updated.


Contract Management

Management of contract requests, drafts, changes, contractual deadlines, etc. can be easily done through with this feature and you can easily schedule reminders for key contract review dates with automatic reminders and alerts. You can also set-up reminders for renewals, terminations, key obligations, etc.

Work Flow Manager

The Corporate Legal solution by PracticeLeague provides for excellent coordination and collaboration between your various department and offices including external law firms, counsels and consultants. For any legal task in hand you can easily assign the relevant internal or external resources including external counsels, consultants, etc . You can also set the schedule for the assigned task so that it automatically assigns the relevant task to the assigned contact as per the set schedule.


Legal Spends and Budgets

Create and track budgets and spending on various matters of the department. Track and analyse internal and external costs separately. Manage legal budget / accruals along with automatic spending-to-budget comparisons. Track claims and contingent liabilities along with expenses on account of all legal overheads, including counsel fees, court fees, out of pocket expenses and reimbursements. Expenses across matters can be tracked and analysed with the planned legal budget.

External Counsel / Law Firm Integration

Allow your law firms to update matters using a highly secure portal. Using our solution or mobile apps lawyers can update the court status on your behalf and also upload documents and send you alerts. Law firms can only view and update the matters assigned to them and the documents uploaded by them.


Multiple Office Support

Teams/users from various locations, domestic and foreign can collaborate together. You can assign matters within the legal team based on their key strengths or based on their regions/location. Multiple offices can work on same matters and share updates on a real-time basis. You can oversee and manage hundreds of locations/branches from your computer screen.

Task Management

Assign, track and manage various tasks for yourself or your team. Track progress of all assigned responsibilities, set deadlines, automated reminders and receive alerts for all competed tasks. Collaborative and real-time task tracking and management while working within a team improves efficiency. The system will automatically send reminders on the due dates with escalations in case the task is not completed by the scheduled date.


Deadline/Reminders/Alert Management

Get advance email reminders for all court dates, deadlines, important tasks, etc. You can even sync this calendar with Outlook and other internet calendars including your phone using .ics files.

Document Management

Our solution provides you with a centralized document repository to store all your matter related and general documents. Search matter documents, research, previous judgements, precedents. We provide you the highest of security system to store confidential data which is accessible to authorized personnel from any location connected to the application. Case papers, material for research and important emails, all can be read through with a single click.

Drag and drop bulk files including outlook emails to record audit trails. Ready integration with Google Docs, DropBox & NetDocuments.


Contact Management

Managing your Compliance contacts in a central place can be a tedious task. With our integrated contact management system, all your internal and external contacts including external law firms and counsels across all your locations can be stored and retrieved at the click of a button.

Notices Management

Notices need to be dealt with on priority and PracticeLeague's Corporate Legal Solution has an in-built Notice Management feature to help you track every notice and ensure that the same is assigned to the relevant resources and tracked all across.


Time Tracking

Legal matters can be very time consuming for your internal Corporate Legal Department and PracticeLeague Corporate legal solution allows you to effortlessly tack your team’s efforts. The same can be used to analyse the time spent on each activity and increase their productivity.


Several members across different locations could be working on any given legal matter and members can update the notes section so that all others working on the matters can view the comments. This feature would enable you and your team to better collaborate.



External counsels and law firms can upload the invoices and the system will automatically check for any deviations between the agreed mandate and the uploaded invoices automatically. You can then authorize the same for further processing. The system can also be enabled to electronically receive (ELEDES), auto-route to approver and process invoices based on your work flow.

Reports and Analytics

On-demand reports and analytics enables users to get instant reports, whether it’s Legal MIS or a Contingent Liability Schedule or Law Firm Comparison. You can generate many Matter, Business, Team, Region, Status, Law Firm and User Wise Reports. Comprehensive reports and graphs with every detail about your Company’s legal matters and performance is computed. These reports can also be scheduled to be emailed to you periodically.


Intuitive Dashboards

The dashboard is a graphical representation of many reports which gives you a detailed overview across your multiple offices, regions, specialities, businesses, etc. You can also track recent activities by teams or individuals, manage upcoming events, view work in progress and communicate with individuals using our communication board.

Cloud Based

Empowers users with information on their fingertips. Access from anywhere. No extra cost for hardware and software.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android phones. These apps enable users to record court updates from their phones from any location.

  • Request Tracking
  • Law Firm Collaboration
  • Branch/Business User Portal
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Maker and Checker Workflow
  • Matter Ageing
  • Email Archival
  • Outlook Calendar Integration
  • Case History
  • Role-based Access
  • Knowledge Base
  • LEDES Billing Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Related Matter Tracking


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Integrated Additional Modules

Robust, Secure and Scalable Platform

Security is the top most concerns for the law firms as they deal with lot of confidential information on day-to-day basis. PracticeLeague is a cloud hosted on a secure, state of the art, scalable data centers which offer bank grade security including Data center physical security, Network Security, Host Security, Software Security, Application Security, Customer Data Security, redundancy and Personnel Security.

  • 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
  • State-of-the-art datacenter with full redundant failovers, including servers, power, network and HVAC systems
  • All systems are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure optimum performance and maximum security
  • Automatic back-up of everything including Operating system, documents, client data, user data, PracticeLeague software and complete database every day

Work from Anywhere

Most of our lawyers use mobile devices more than a desktop and they are always on the move. PracticeLeague offers intuitive Android, iPhone and tablet editions so that you do not miss any billable time entry on the go. Whether you are at court or at Airport lounge, you can easily capture time and expenses, manage client matters, access your calendar and track deadlines.


Ready Integration with industry leading tools