Comply with Insider Trading Compliance

Comply with SEBI Prohibition of Insider Trading regulation 2015 using PracticeLeague Insider Compliance Management Solution.

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Most Comprehensive Features

Easy to Use, Ready solution managing Insider Trading Compliances. Available in both Cloud and on-premise models.

  • Member database
  • PracticeLeague
    Initial/Continual Disclosures
  • PracticeLeague
    Clause Library
  • PracticeLeague
    Assignment Disclosures

  • Grey List/restricted Security database
  • PracticeLeague
    Pre-clearance request/Approval
  • PracticeLeague
    Post-trading update
  • PracticeLeague
    MIS reports
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Robust, Secure and Scalable Platform

Security is the top most concerns for the law firms as they deal with lot of confidential information on day-to-day basis. PracticeLeague is a cloud hosted on a secure, state of the art, scalable data centers which offer bank grade security including Data center physical security, Network Security, Host Security, Software Security, Application Security, Customer Data Security, redundancy and Personnel Security.

  • Available on both cloud hosted and on-premise models
  • 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
  • State-of-the-art datacenter with full redundant failovers, including servers, power, network and HVAC systems
  • All systems are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure optimum performance and maximum security
  • Automatic back-up of everything including Operating system, documents, client data, user data, PracticeLeague software and complete database every day

Work from Anywhere

Most of our lawyers use mobile devices more than a desktop and they are always on the move. PracticeLeague offers intuitive Android, iPhone and tablet editions so that you do not miss any billable time entry on the go. Whether you are at court or at Airport lounge, you can easily capture time and expenses, manage client matters, access your calendar and track deadlines.


Ready Integration with industry leading tools