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Retail Industry

Entire lifecycle of a contract from drafting, vetting, execution, renewals, revisions, & terminations managed on an integrated platform.
A centralized vault to save all legal matters, order copies, letter of authority and essential documents in a central repository
Define on-demand triggers, alerts and escalations for almost any kind of activity related to a contract.
Accurate insights and analysis of data from contracts on intuitive dashboards.

Business Challenges

Retail Industry, just like any industry is moving towards disruption, with the increasing customer expectations, rising costs, decreasing profits, and growing competition. To meet these challenges, retailers have to transform their core functions across departments including operations, customer services as well as legal.

With transforming their elementary systems, the retailers are looking towards leveraging data and new tech-enabled solutions to enhance their demand processes, capture and enlarge the customer base and derive ways to fuel future growth.

In-House counsels of the retail industry are faced with a common challenge of creating and maintaining contractual obligations with their vendors, merchants, customers etc. While they look simple on the surface, they require a complex layer of administration and management involvement to implement.


As retailers are constantly in interaction with numerous vendors and customers, keeping a tab on the contracts for the same can be a tedious task. Legal departments of retail organizations need a robust and integrated platform to streamline their contractual processes while having a complete control over their contractual obligations.

Automatically create contracts, using own standard templates, with MS Word plug-in, for quick access to clause library while reviewing the document and insert clauses on demand.
Automatic reminders, with notifications on a due milestone or expirations on contracts, allowing for renewing in a timely manner.
On-demand triggers, alerts and escalations for any kind of activity related to a contract e.g. payment schedules, project milestones, key deliverables, renewals, review, termination, etc.
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Business Value

Legal departments of retail enterprises are evolving with the changing business needs, and are being expected to cut costs and resources while taking up the extra piling work. To prove efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the department, legal teams have to transform their ways of addressing legal risks by implementing tech-enabled solutions to automate their menial and time-consuming tasks. Implementing a robust contract management platform can enable the retail industry to improve their contract visibility by allowing them to store all their documents and contracts on one centralized digital platform which not only automates the entire contract process but also allows for optimum compliance management and provide detailed analytics and reports to avoid any future legal risks.

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Case Study

PracticeLeague helped the clients manage their entire department and matters spread across different countries on one single platform, making their workflow seamless and giving one dashboard to get the overall insight of the entire departmental work.

It helped them organize their legal matters, contracts, IPR portfolio and compliances in a structured manner, allowing instant access to reports, reminders of important dates and assigned tasks and also helped them save their productive time and money.

The solution has also assisted them in managing and organizing multiple matters entirely on one platform associating with every single detail including emails, files, documents, calendars, expenses, etc.

The PracticeLeague solution helped the client to transform and automate their Legal Department into a highly productive and efficient workspace.

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