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Purkal Youth Development Society

Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) focuses on providing a nurturing, care-giving environment to empower children of Uttarakhand (especially girls) from impoverished families – children of promise and potential – to carve a path out of poverty for themselves, their families, as well as their communities. To this end we provide all that is required – education, boarding, nutrition, healthcare, etc. – free of cost. We not only support them through the vital years of school education but also beyond the 12th grade, into the years of education/skill development for a vocation. In short, we strive to leave no stone unturned in our mission to help our students liberate themselves from poverty.

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PYDS Learning Academys

PYDS-LA strives for excellence in rural children through providing free holistic education, day long nutrition, transportation and complete health care. This programme is exclusively for the least privileged but bright children from this rural area. Our emphasis is on the girl child. The School works 10 hours each day, 6 days a week and is open for at least 50 more days each academic year in comparison to other schools. This provides time for a lot of co and extra-curricular activities (such as dance, music and theatre) skill development, for field trips besides adventure. Children admitted into the School spend long years with us, typically 8 to 10 years and these years of care are tending to increase now, to nearly 14 years per child.

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ISAVASYA Foundation

ISAVASYA Foundation is bestowed with two definite instincts, Worldly and Spiritual. At our present age if we honestly look into our ownself it is always the worldly instinct that surfaces out. We all want to work on the Spiritual instinct but always end up the worldly way. Great sages of the yesteryears have time and again told us to be like a lotus flower, which remains on water but is never immersed into it. Similarly, we all need to remain in this world (and perform our duties) but should never get immersed into it as none will be able to appreciate our true beauty which we all are inherently and equally blessed with.

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