PracticeLeague offers a suite of comprehensive solutions to empower legal depts and law firms. Keep the business agile and efficient to stay ahead of the game.
Streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration and automate processes to supercharge the business with platform based solutions pertaining to enterprise legal departments and law practice firms.

Our Philosophy

Here at PracticeLeague we have adopted the philosophy of Occam’s Razor which is based on ‘the simplest solution is the best’. Making the work simpler and focused for your law firms and legal departments. We have evolved ourselves from PracticeLeague to Razor365, RazorCube and RazorLex. Our unmatched technology has made the complex processes simpler and helped businesses redefine themselves to get ahead of the game. Our DNA remains the same to give you better technology, better service and streamlined processes but our look has changed, and we are more focused into transforming and giving your companies a strategic boost.

We had one thing in mind, cutting edge legal technology with integration of law and business. We set out to retain all our values but with a new look and new enthusiasm, we are here to make your work easier and better.

Your success is what keeps us inspired. As we propel with a new identity, we keep our promise to keep you technologically ahead. With this we aim to be technology driven, process managed, and people driven. Wherever the technology may take us we aspire to deliver the best of results.

Our Vision

"Accelerate Business Transformation By Creating Future Ready Legal Teams"

Our Mission

"Shaping A Collaborative Digital Ecosystem Of Business And Law Through Client-Led Innovation, Integrity And Quality"