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Build Better Relationships

Build better relationships with all the client and prospect information at one place for delivering better service as well as generate more business.


Time/Activity Recording

Time tracking for every activity done by your law firm is essential, hence the law Practice Cloud application from PracticeLeague provides you an integrated time tracking management feature that is easy to use from your office desk and your mobile phone. This ensures precise on time billing for the clients and billable out of pocket expenses. Non Billable resources work can also be recorded for analysis including time spent for each client or matter.



The calendaring facility will enable all reminders and tracking for all important dates, appointments, tasks, conference calla and meetings. Matter, Team, Office, Firm and individual Calendars are available to track every date. The calendar can be used for group work as well and group activities can be converted to timesheet with a single keystroke as well.

Expense Recording

Expenses related travel; cour fees, calls and other overheads can be recorded easily as and when they occur. These can be recorded from your desktop or your mobile phone. Out of the pocket expenses can then be automatically tagged and attached to the client invoives. Reimbursements Management feature can also be enabled to track the same.


Contact / Client Management

The Law Practice Cloud application ensures that all contacts of the firm and individuals related to the firm can be stored and accessed through the application itself. A database of all the contacts can be managed and maintained which can be accessed by all authorized individuals in the firm. Duplicate contacts can be managed and the powerful search option gets you, your desired contact information in matter of minutes.

Conflict Search & Matter Management

The Law Practice Cloud application would enable you to search through the entire database of matter, contacts and special tags provided and find a potential conflict. If any conflicts are found, the same are highlighted for further review. These conflicts can then be sent for Partner review and approval if required before accepting the new matter.


Documents and Notes

Integrated Storage and Retrieval of Documents, Contracts, Agreements, Client or Matter information, etc. is made very easy with this application. We provide you the highest of security system to store confidential data which is accessible to authorized personnel from any location connected to the application. Case papers, material for research and important emails, all can be read through with a single click. Some of the best available online Document Management Systems are seamlessly integrated with our application.

Electronic Notes can be recorded by different team members and tagged to the working matter for future reference without any hassles of maintaining large physical paper files in your office.

Invoicing and Payment Tracking

Automatic Invoicing for the work done by teams and individual resources can be done through this fully automated application. Draft bills are prepared and sent for Partner Review and Approval with Timesheets and Billable Expenses automatically tagged based on the Billing Mandate given by the client. Tracking of payment from clients can also be done through the application and reminders can be sent for any overdue payments.


Trust Accounting and Client Ledgers

Complete Client Ledgers are maintained on the system to enable you to view the Receipts and Transfers from the Client Accounts. Debit and Credit entries for Bank Interest or Charges and can be passed for any given account to keep the Ledgers up to date with the Bank account. Trust Ledgers are also separately maintained with details of every Transfer from the Trust Account.

Deal Bibles

All completed Transactions are neatly tagged and maintained on the system for future reference. These Deal Bibles include the Client details, Transaction Details, Deal Size, Practice Area, Transaction Teams, etc. and which can also be used to generate future proposals.


Reports and Analytics

Live and on demand Client, Team , Resource, Partner, Office, wise reports are made available to help you analyze and grow your practice. Comprehensive reports and graphs with every detail about your firm’s productivity and revenue is automatically computed. These reports can also be scheduled to be emailed to you periodically.

Intuitive Dashboards

The Law Practice cloud application is built by keeping law firms in mind. The intuitive dashboard which is painless to use has all the requirements your law firm would need. The dashboard gives you an overview across your multiple offices, teams, practice areas, clients and resources with ready to comprehend key metrics. The parameters can be modified on the fly compare and the same can be drilled down for more details.

  • Activity & Follow-up Reminders
  • Next Activity Plan
  • Deal Bibles
  • Conflict Check
  • Enquiry Acceptance/Rejection
  • Client Communication
  • Newsletters
  • Manage Unsubscribed Lists
  • Mail Scheduling



Robust, Secure and Scalable Platform

Security is the top most concerns for the law firms as they deal with lot of confidential information on day-to-day basis. PracticeLeague is a cloud hosted on a secure, state of the art, scalable data centers which offer bank grade security including Data center physical security, Network Security, Host Security, Software Security, Application Security, Customer Data Security, redundancy and Personnel Security.

  • 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
  • State-of-the-art datacenter with full redundant failovers, including servers, power, network and HVAC systems
  • All systems are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure optimum performance and maximum security
  • Automatic back-up of everything including Operating system, documents, client data, user data, PracticeLeague software and complete database every day

Work from Anywhere

Most of our lawyers use mobile devices more than a desktop and they are always on the move. PracticeLeague offers intuitive Android, iPhone and tablet editions so that you do not miss any billable time entry on the go. Whether you are at court or at Airport lounge, you can easily capture time and expenses, manage client matters, access your calendar and track deadlines.


Ready Integration with industry leading tools