Your Virtual Trademark Assistant

Manage complete Patent lifecycle including docketing, domestic/foreign/divisional/national phase filing, prosecution through registration, Patent Management, Client/PTO communications, Oppositions, Annuity and Licensing.

Features at Glance

Centralized IP Management

Centralized IP database enables you to create, view and track all you Intellectual Property Matters including Patents, Trademarks, Design and copyright across domestic filings, foreign filings and oppositions.

All users in the process, including attorneys, administrators, docketing clerks/paralegals are linked to this database and given selective access to information relevant to their role in the process. Access privileges are controlled so that each participant sees only what is necessary to carry out their responsibilities.


Docket Manager

Users can view date reminders, due dates and final dates for all PTO (Patent Office)/TMO (Trademark Office) related events across all matter in which the user is involved for different filing types including domestic filing, national phase applications, PCT, foreign filings, etc.

Apart from pre-programmed required deadlines, it also provides an option for you to define and create your own automated bring ups for all IP deadlines and reminders.

Annuity Manager

All the Annuity renewal due dates are centrally displayed and automatic triggers for renewal reminders are sent to the IP holders. Automatic review and approval process allows your clients to approve or reject their decisions


Document Assembly/Template Manager

Enables you to manage all PTO/TMO/Client communication through the readily available powerful templates and documents.

The system comes with all major standard document templates, including form1, form3, client correspondence, Power of Attorney, office actions etc., The document assembly module automatically populates information from the IP database into the documents. The resulting merged document can be converted MSWord document or in a PDF format for further process.

Invoicing Automation

Invoicing module enables the you to generate invoices for all the official fees, law firm disbursements, time and fees for various activities done for any given Intellectual Property (IP) asset. It has the ability to automatically create invoices using pre-defined price lists for all activities, hourly rates/charges including managing the invoices across different currencies.


Client Access IP Portal

You can enable clients to log in to their IP workspace to view the status of all their Intellectual Property assets with you. They can upload documents, review, approve, monitor opposition/litigations and manage their IP portfolio using this portal.


All oppositions are centrally made available including the complete workflow from notices to litigation dates with their up to date current status.


Task Management

All the assigned current and overdue Tasks can be easily monitored across your resources, departments and locations. With our integrated TaskByMailTM you can easily assign day to day or adhoc tasks to your team and even external counsels, law firms and consultants outside your Company. The system will automatically send reminders on the due dates with escalations in case the task is not completed by the scheduled date. This can be very useful even internally and can be used for tracking internal legal work including drafting and verifying agreements, preparing contracts, etc.

Reports and Analytics

Provides all the Standard Reports with predefined layout, such as Portfolio Lists, Filing details, Case Summary, Work in Progress, assignment details, stage-wise pending applications, Applications by Client, Matter Type etc., Live Analytics are made available to view the Assets across the complete portfolio including the fee projections, forecast funnel, etc.

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Robust, Secure and Scalable Platform

Security is the top most concerns for the law firms as they deal with lot of confidential information on day-to-day basis. PracticeLeague is a cloud hosted on a secure, state of the art, scalable data centers which offer bank grade security including Data center physical security, Network Security, Host Security, Software Security, Application Security, Customer Data Security, redundancy and Personnel Security.

  • 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
  • State-of-the-art datacenter with full redundant failovers, including servers, power, network and HVAC systems
  • All systems are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure optimum performance and maximum security
  • Automatic back-up of everything including Operating system, documents, client data, user data, PracticeLeague software and complete database every day

Work from Anywhere

Most of our lawyers use mobile devices more than a desktop and they are always on the move. PracticeLeague offers intuitive Android, iPhone and tablet editions so that you do not miss any billable time entry on the go. Whether you are at court or at Airport lounge, you can easily capture time and expenses, manage client matters, access your calendar and track deadlines.


Ready Integration with industry leading tools