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The ELM Platform

PracticeLeague is an Ecosystem of technology platforms empowering multiple communities with legal at the core across an end to end business landscape. The ecosystem helps to optimize workflow, collaborate seamlessly in near Real Time and maximize productivity driving competitive edge and corporate ethics.

Enterprise Legal Management

An integrated solution, PracticeLeague's Enterprise Legal Management is an AI-enabled platform that is transforming the core capabilities of the transitional and dynamic Corporate Legal Departments. It solves the essential challenges of legal department by managing their contracts, litigation and also keeping a robust check on compliance and risk obligations with an integrated solution.

Law Practice Management

PracticeLeague offers the most comprehensive platform to manage and grow your law practice. User-Friendly and can be accessed from anywhere on any device. A single platform to manage your Law Firm seamlessly.

AI Enabled Contracts

Using IBM Watson, PracticeLeague has created an advanced Artificial Intelligence engine with most powerful cognitive artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. PracticeLeague has integrated AI in the Enterprise Legal Management system to provide an end-to-end intelligent platform.

Smart Contracts

PracticeLeague is exploring Microsoft Azure Blockchain, Ethereum to build a sophisticated platform for the Enterprise Legal Management to preserve the interest of every Stakeholder. We are deep - diving into the limitless possibilities of Blockchain to innovate smarter automation processes for the Legal Department.

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