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Practice Management

Series 1: Law Firms Today vs Tomorrow- Higher Technology Adoption Rate

The changing landscape of the Legal industry demands need for technology and automation for smooth running of Law Firm.

PracticeLeague Clients Consistently Dominate RSG Top 40 Law Firms Rankings Since 2011

Since 2011, PracticeLeague has consistently helped Law Firms improve their efficiency and productivity, The RSG Top 40 list has dominantly shown the PracticeLeague Clients as the most dynamic Law Firms in India.

7 Tips How To Invest In A Right Law Practice Management Solution

The rapidly changing marketplace of Law Practice Management Solution and the available features from different software products makes it difficult to choose a single solution that is "best" in every situation.
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Matters/Litigation Management

How to solve the Hidden liability within Corporate Legal departments

It is indeed doubtless that an amazing number of issues and headaches are dealt with, by General Counsels every day.

How does CLM let you take control of the entire contract lifecycle?

Contract creation and management doesn't just end when the legal team drafts the contract and sends it business or other party.

Choosing the Right Legal Matter Management Software

Legal departments have many different aspects of a matter to handle at the same time, which can get overwhelming.
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Contract Management

Legal Firms should stay ahead of the curve by using New-age Technology

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the Legal Space in not just creating variable robotic intellectual but influencing precise insights and data to the most technology deprived legal practice.

Can You Find Your Contracts At A Given Time?

Being in a document centric industry, lawyers need to leverage the benefits of legal technology & invest in Contract Management Software.

Drafting, Vetting, Amending, Storing and Managing Contracts Online

A legal department deals with multiple contracts on an everyday basis, and the creation, managing and storing of these important documents is extremely important.
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