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Enterprise Legal Management

Is your organization slowing your Legal Department?

Inspite of the rapid transformation throughout the organization, Legal Departments are unable to close the gap between technology and aligning business goals. What are the barriers to LegalTech adoption and how to start?

13 Legal Technology trends you should be looking in 2019

Technology is becoming a priority for the Legal Departments because the Evolving Role of General Counsel demands using an advanced and integrated architecture which comprehends the industry trends and provides actionable insights to manage their department effectively.

Contract Management

Manual Contract Management Costing You Millions!

With businesses expanding globally and working towards gaining a competitive edge, core functions such as legal which support them are still treading on the traditional path. Enterprises having numerous contracts, from critical NDAs to vendor contracts to sales agreements embroil in-house counsels to manage the entire lifecycle process for each contract initiating from its draft to negotiation to review to renewals.

Legal Firms should stay ahead of the curve by using New-age Technology

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the Legal Space in not just creating variable robotic intellectual but influencing precise insights and data to the most technology deprived legal practice.
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Matters/Litigation Management

Major Banks are Committed to Innovation with a Matter Management Platform

Post the financial crisis of 2008, regulatory authorities have tightened their grip on the banking sector with numerous compliances from stringent consumer protection regulations to implementation of guarantees in case of insolvency or defaults of businesses, thereby increasing the scope and expertise of legal in the financial sector.

How to solve the Hidden liability within Corporate Legal departments

It is indeed doubtless that an amazing number of issues and headaches are dealt with, by General Counsels every day.
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Compliance Management

How CMS can improve focus and perspective on Risk Management

Organisations have been recently experiencing a rapid surge of compliance and regulations, the distressing impact on the overall bottom-line and thereby the need for a robust Compliance Management Software to streamline the complex and manual compliance processes to improve overall risk management efforts. With the volatility of global business environments rapidly increasing, the unparalleled impact and scope of risks associated with business is also rising.
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Law Practice Management

7 Legal Technology trends in 2019 for Law Firms

Law Technology is consistently helping to make things simpler, easier and faster while enhancing the visibility, reliability and security of the data.

Series 1: Law Firms Today vs Tomorrow- Higher Technology Adoption Rate

The changing landscape of the Legal industry demands need for technology and automation for smooth running of Law Firm.
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IP Management

Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Design Management Software

In today's global business environment, with smaller product life cyles, businesses are continually investing in developing new products and services. Innovation has become one the key drivers of business success and a source of competitive advantage. Through innovations and intensive research and development activies, businesses are able to build, enhance and define their business value.

Adopting Automated IP Management – Act before the deadline

Considering the remarkable efficiency and productivity improvements possible with IP management solutions, there can be no viable excuse for either corporate or law firm IP attorneys not to adopt such systems.
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Legal CRM

Client Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intilligence (BI) and Analytics for Law Firm

As the business environment becomes increasingly competitive, law firms are being challenged to improve their efficiencies, productivity as well as their profitability.
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Insider Trading

SEBI rules on Insider Trading 2019: Rise in Cost of Compliance

India's equity market has been lately hit by a new surge of insider trading, fraudulent trade practices and stock price rigging, and more than 30 cases of insider trading were reported and investigated by market regulator SEBI in 2016-2017 alone. The growing incidents of insider trading and alleged leakage of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information (UPSI) has impacted the markets negatively with not only damaging stock prices but also robbing the investors of receiving the full potential and value of their investments.
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